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REE Corporation’s Online Transformation

REE Corporation, founded in 1977, is a pioneering and diversified business group deeply connected to Vietnam’s development, from its early rebuilding efforts to its current prosperity. In 1993, REE became the first Vietnamese company to transition from a state-owned entity to a public enterprise through equitisation. By 2000, REE achieved another milestone as the first company listed on the Vietnam stock exchange. Today, REE operates across various sectors, including power and water utilities, mechanical and electrical engineering, air conditioning services, and real estate.

REE Corporation developed an extensive design for their corporate website through their in-house team. To bring their vision to life and refine their UX/UI, they conducted a thorough selection process for an experienced web developer. Ultimately, they chose ViiVue for the project, confident in our ability to deliver a world-class, custom website with a strong emphasis on security and performance.

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The outcome of the project was a resounding success. ViiVue brought REE Corporation’s in-house design to life, meticulously refining details and incorporating animations to create a more dynamic and engaging user experience. This attention to detail and focus on interactivity made the site not only visually appealing but also highly functional. In terms of performance, the site achieved impressive Google PageSpeed scores, ranging from 80-90 on mobile and 90-100 on desktop across all pages, ensuring a fast and seamless experience for all users.