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If you are looking for a website agency specialized in custom WordPress Development, look no further. Our homegrown, 100% customizable WordPress theme is built and constantly improved to be efficient unlike other WordPress templates in the market. It sets no boundary to design creativity, allowing all websites to be tailored to specific needs, and is by default optimized for speed and search engines. Moreover, we also focus on security, administrator’s ease of use and flexibility for future expansion.

Many wonder why we choose WordPress over other open source content management system (CMS)? Currently WordPress powers 43.3% of all websites on the internet and is the world’s most popular and widely used content management system. From our experience working with multiple other CMS before, WordPress still comes in first as it is the only one that strikes a nice balance between the administrator’s ease of use in updating content, and the flexibility that web designers and developers need to build a website without restrictions.

Custom WordPress Development is perfect for companies that want to

  • Have a custom design website. Whether the design is done by us or by your own design team, we will breathe life into it.
  • Maintain a full control of the website from design to function and performance
  • Be hands-on and manage the website easily in-house
  • Optimize the website’s performance for SEO purposes
  • Grow the website as the business grows

If you still prefer to work with WordPress templates, check out our WordPress Template Customization service.

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