Transforming Gilimex with Innovation Website Design & Developoment

Gilimex is a leading manufacturer of garment products in Vietnam, boasting over 40 years of continuous innovation and development since its establishment in 1982. The company has achieved outstanding success in revenue and export growth, affirming its prominent position in the industry.

Our initial website for Gilimex significantly enhanced their brand image, boosting their confidence to expand their business internationally. This time, they requested a second website upgrade, seeking a more innovative look and feel. Our goal was to create a cutting-edge design that not only reflected their current brand identity but also supported their future growth and ambitions.

Horizontal scrolling in web design

For the new Gilimex website, we implemented a horizontal scrolling design for homepage to achieve a more innovative look and feel. This modern approach not only enhances visual engagement but also allows for a unique navigation experience, seamlessly guiding users through their extensive product range. The horizontal layout showcases Gilimex’s information in a dynamic and interactive manner, reflecting the brand’s forward-thinking identity and commitment to innovation.

Gilimex 02
Gilimex 03
Gilimex 04


The outcome of the Gilimex website project reflects our focus on innovative design, consistent performance, and user-friendliness. The unique layout offers a unique and engaging navigation experience, while the site maintains reliable performance with quick load times and smooth interactions. User feedback has been positive, noting the ease of use and modern appearance of the site. This redesign enhances Gilimex’s digital presence and supports their ongoing growth and customer engagement efforts.