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Enhancing Global Recognition for Long An International Port through a Revamped Website

Long An International Port, developed by Dong Tam Group, is the largest shipping port in Long An Province. Its new website seeks to create a refreshed brand image and position LAIP as a globally recognized seaport adhering to international standards. The primary goal of the website is to communicate LAIP’s commitment to exceptional services and facilities, showcase its capabilities, and attract domestic and international stakeholders.

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Content Strategy

In the development of the new website for Long An International Port, ViiVue placed significant emphasis on a robust content strategy. Our team conducted an in-depth content strategy session, focusing on understanding LAIP’s unique value propositions and target audiences. This collaborative effort involved key stakeholders from LAIP, ensuring that the sitemap and content structure effectively reflected the port’s commitment to exceptional services and facilities. By prioritizing clarity, user experience, and strategic messaging, we aimed to position LAIP as a globally recognized seaport adhering to international standards. The content strategy session was pivotal in aligning the website’s content with LAIP’s brand image, enhancing its appeal to both domestic and international stakeholders.

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ViiVue used wireframes as a blueprint to visualize layout, functionality, and user experience, aligning with goals from the content strategy session. This step facilitated early feedback from LAIP’s stakeholders and allowed for necessary adjustments. The wireframe ensured a clear, user-focused structure, and enhancing user engagement.

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ViiVue crafted a visual guide to convey the overall look and feel of the website design. It includes a collection of elements such as color schemes, typography, imagery, textures, and graphic styles, presented cohesively to capture the desired aesthetic and brand identity. This collaborative approach helps align the design team’s vision with the client’s expectations, facilitating discussions and ensuring a consistent visual direction throughout the project.

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Custom Website Design & Development

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  • Enhanced Brand Positioning: The new website significantly elevated LAIP’s brand image, making it more appealing to both domestic and international stakeholders.
  • Strong Digital Foundation for Growth: The website is designed and developed to easily expand and adapt, providing a strong foundation that aligns with Long An International Port’s rapid growth and future development.