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WordPress Template Customization at a whole new level

If your business is not ready for the custom Web Design & Web Development approach, template customization might be the right option for you. However, there are thousands of WordPress templates out there and there are equally as many agencies and freelancers offering WordPress customization services. So how are we different? Being an expert in the industry allows us to select the best WordPress template for your business and customize it in a way that is most cost-effective. More importantly, our method allows the templates to still perform at their best even after being customized.

Our choices of WordPress templates are based on 3 main criteria:

  • The coding quality of the templates and the reputation of the template developers
  • How much the template can satisfy clients’ requirements in terms of both design and functions
  • How easy it is for non-technical clients to update content

Perfect for companies that:

  • Are small startups or companies with low website budgets
  • Want the websites finished in less than a couple of months
  • Do not need to be unique because other businesses, even the competitors, might use the same templates
  • Need professional websites as part of their marketing materials but do not focus too much on promoting or growing it
  • Are willing to work with the limitations of templates