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Good Wasn’t Enough: Taking Tuanloc Commodities’ Website to the Next Level

Tuanloc Commodities is a leading assets-based exporter in the coffee industry, boasting an extensive network of upstream plantations, processing mills, and downstream storage and logistic facilities.

The Challenge

Despite having a website they were satisfied with, Tuanloc Commodities sought to elevate their digital presence because they plan to significantly enhance their digital marketing strategies in 2023, making the website a crucial element of their success. One of the main challenges we faced was that Tuanloc Commodities did not have any established brand guidelines. For a professional-looking website, clear brand elements are essential. Starting with their simple logo, we helped define their entire brand through the design of their website.


We began our process with a stylescape, a powerful visual tool that served as a bridge between Tuanloc Commodities’ vision and the final website design. The stylescape allowed us to present a curated collection of images, typography, colors, and textures that would define the brand’s aesthetic and visual language.

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The Tuan Loc Commodities homepage opens with a dynamic mood banner featuring the company’s core message, leading to either a corporate video or the About page. This is followed by a section outlining the company’s unique selling points. The Weekly Report section provides key industry insights and updates, essential for partners. Next, the homepage showcases TLCommodities’ development milestones and asset footprint.

A News & Reports section offers fresh content, with an option to subscribe to the weekly newsletter. The homepage concludes with information about TLCommodities’ sustainability commitment and another invitation to subscribe to the newsletter.

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Inner Pages

The inner pages of Tuanloc Commodities are designed to engage site visitors with well-organized and structured corporate content. Each page features attractive layouts enhanced by stunning images, elegant typography, and custom icons and illustrations.

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News & Reports

The News & Reports section on the Tuan Loc Commodities website features a blend of weekly reports and company news, ensuring refreshed and relevant content for visitors. Strategically placed CTAs for the weekly newsletter subscription throughout this page and the entire website capture the data of interested partners. This approach supports the marketing team in their ongoing efforts by facilitating effective email marketing campaigns.

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  • Enhanced Brand Positioning: The new website significantly improved Tuanloc Commodities’ brand positioning, elevating their digital presence to a more competitive level.
  • Strong Foundation for Digital Marketing: The revamped website provided a solid foundation for the digital marketing team, enabling more effective and cohesive marketing strategies.
  • Improved User Experience: The intuitive design and optimized technical performance (96/100 on Desktop & 82/100 on Mobile with Google PageSpeed) enhanced the overall user experience, making navigation and information access seamless