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Launch a project website about sustainable trade of biodiversity products for a Non-Profit Organization 

Biotrade provides a platform for experts and organization specialized in supporting enterprises to produce and export natural ingredients and process agricultural products complying with the international standards to high-end markets in Europe, United States and Japan.

BioTrade was derived from the initiative that launched in 1996 started by UNCTAD to support the objectives of the Convention on Biological Diversity and now being embraced by some segments of the private sector and certain governments globally. BioTrade was introduced and developed in Vietnam in the early 2010s under the financial support of the Swiss Government and has become the core transaction of the ecosystem where local export companies could develop sustainable supply chains and approach potential markets through efficient trade promotion and value chain services.


  • Introduce the services that Biotrade offers and its partners including Business Support Organizations, Biodiversity NGOs, International & local Media agencies, Sustainable value chain advisors, Business consultants, and SMEs
  • Provide latest information about new business models, sourcing areas, sustainable certifications, and trade promotions
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