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Elevating the Sakura Brand: A Website Redesign for a New Era

Sakura is number 1 brand in Taiwan, specializing in kitchen appliances since 1978. Their product line spans a wide range of kitchen appliances, including gas cooktops, range hoods, dishwashers and more. The brand has gained recognition not only in Taiwan but also internationally.

The Challenge

Prior to 2020, Sakura relied on a local Vietnamese agent to distribute their kitchen appliances. In a strategic move, Sakura acquired the distributor and this shift necessitated a new website to reflect their evolving brand presence in Vietnam. Additionally, Sakura has been recognized in the Vietnamese market for their low to mid-end gas stoves. With the rising demand for electric stoves and other advanced appliances, Sakura needs to elevate their brand image to gain trust from consumers.

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The homepage of Sakura’s website showcases a clean and innovative design that aligns with the brand’s core values. Featuring sleek visuals and intuitive navigation, the homepage highlights Sakura’s key products and product categories, making it easy for users to explore their extensive range of kitchen appliances. Additionally, the design emphasizes Sakura’s status as a leading international brand in the kitchen appliance market in Vietnam, reinforcing their commitment to ‘Innovation, Quality & Service’.

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Products Page

Sakura’s product catalog was developed using WooCommerce, featuring dynamic filters and advanced functions such as product comparision.

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HEATTECH Technology

The dedicated page for Sakura’s Heattech technology highlights the brand’s commitment to innovation. This page provides an in-depth look at Heattech, explaining how it enhances the performance and efficiency of Sakura’s kitchen appliances. Through detailed descriptions, high-quality images, visitors can understand the advanced features and benefits of Heattech technology. This showcase not only reinforces Sakura’s position as a leader in cutting-edge kitchen appliances but also educates customers on the unique advantages of their products.

Sakura 05
Sakura 05

Store Locator & News Pages

The Store Locator page features an integrated Google Map API, allowing users to easily find and filter Sakura store locations. Customers can search for the nearest store and get directions directly from the map, ensuring a convenient shopping experience.

The News/Blog section is essential for keeping customers informed with the latest updates and product launches. It also supports the marketing team’s SEO efforts by providing fresh, relevant content that boosts search engine rankings and drives organic traffic to the site.

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  • Improved Brand Positioning: The site effectively positioned Sakura as an international leader in kitchen appliances in Vietnam
  • Enhanced User Experience: The new website’s clean and innovative design improved navigation and overall usability
  • Advanced Product Catalog: Implemented WooCommerce with dynamic filters and product comparison features, enhancing product browsing
  • Interactive Store Locator: Integrated Google Map API for easy location searching and filtering
  • SEO Foundation: Established a robust News section to support ongoing SEO efforts, driving organic traffic and improving search engine rankings