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A Digital Experience that Brought RMIT’s Open Day to Life

Every year, RMIT University, a leading international university in Vietnam, hosts Experience Day. This event allows prospective students to register for various on-campus activities, immerse themselves in the RMIT student experience, and explore academic programs and campus life. It offers a unique opportunity for young students to experience what it’s like to be an RMIT student.

The Challenge

RMIT University’s Experience Day is an annual event with a new creative concept each year. Previous websites, though rich with animations, videos, and images, suffered from poor loading speeds, leading to user drop-off. The new website addresses these issues to enhance the impact of Experience Day and attract more engaged participants.

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Website Design

Despite having only three pages, this Experience website is crucial to the success of the RMIT registration process. All content, particularly the registration form, must be strategically placed to ensure a seamless registration experience. Additionally, other content, such as the workshop calendar and activities, must be presented in an engaging manner to capture the students’ enthusiasm and interest. The consistent use of RMIT’s branding elements throughout the website helps strengthen branding and create a cohesive visual identity.

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  • Enhanced User Experience: Beyond its appealing visuals and subtle yet lively animations, the website delivers an enhanced user experience with optimized loading speeds. Achieving a score of 74/100 for mobile and 99/100 for desktop, the site ensures users enjoy a smooth and efficient online experience on any device.